About us


At CDL Suite, we're driven by a passion for reimagining everyday recruiting tasks, making them easier and more cost-effective. Our commitment to innovation has led to several groundbreaking achievements, each designed to revolutionize the way you manage driver recruiting and compliance.

CDL Suite allows you to manage Leads, Applicants, and Hires using a logical workflow that anyone can easily understand. You manage prospects, receive applications, and create DQ Files for your hires, all in one simple tool.

Among our recent milestones is the introduction of our Visual Work History tool. This proprietary innovation simplifies the review of driver applications and specifically, the work history portion of the application, which is otherwise very time consuming. Visual Work History allows you to assess each applicant’s driving jobs, non-driving jobs, start dates, end dates, overlapping employers, employment gaps, and missing data, in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

We’re also proud of our unique QuickSend tool. QuickSend makes it easy for you to put your application into the hands of prospective applicants while you’re on the phone with them and they're still interested. With QuickSend you send your application link to drivers by email or text message in seconds.

Our electronic apps, forms and documents eliminate the need to print, scan, email, or mail documents ever again. Drivers can effortlessly complete and return all forms and documents from any device.

Overall, our pioneering solutions shorten the time it takes to hire drivers by days and reduce your fleet staffing costs by up to 40%.

We're constantly pushing boundaries and rolling out new and exciting advancements.

Join us on our journey of innovation and efficiency as we strive to redefine the way you manage the driver staffing and compliance function of your operation.