How do drivers find the application to complete it?

When you sign up with CDLSuite you get a unique application link that you can place on your website, include it in job postings, email it to drivers, or text it. You can even give it out verbally over the phone when drivers call in.

Are completed applications emailed to me?

Each time an application is completed you receive an email notification. You can log into your account to see all of your completed applications and consent forms.

Will we be able to put our company name on the application?

Yes. Our forms are customized to reflect your unique brand. We put your logo and company information on the application.

Are there any contracts, signup fees, or terminations fees?

No. Our subscriptions are month to month and you can cancel at any time.

Am I required to use your job-application in order to use your DQ File Manager?

Not at all. Some carriers already have an online job application that they are happy with but still want the security of a dedicated DQ File Management System. Those carriers either upload all of the documents that they want monitored, or they use our built-in place-holders to enable alerts for missing and incomplete documents as well as expirations and reminders.

Am I able to use your online job-application without subscribing to the DQ File Manager?

Yes. Many of our carriers take advantage of our mobile-ready driver application to accelerate the pace of applications they receive but still prefer to manage their own DQ Files. CDLSuite is designed to easily accommodate both approaches.

Am I charged for driver files that are retained after the driver has been terminated?

No. Fees for the DQ File Manager are only charged for active files. You are only charged for new applicants once you make them active (hire them), and those fees stop once the employees is terminated, even though we retain those files, on your behalf (free of charge), for 3-years after termination, as required by law.