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At CDLSuite we understand, first hand, the complexities of driver recruiting, onboarding, safety and DOT compliance. It is with that understanding that we design innovative, yet affordable, software solutions that transform the way you hire and manage drivers every day.

Web-based Driver Recruiting Tools

for small and medium carriers


CDLSuite is the low-cost way for carriers to easily automate Applicant Tracking, DQ File Management and compliance with FMCSA guidelines.

Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, CDLSuite combines the essential tools for attracting, recruiting, hiring and qualifying drivers, into a single, seamless solution.

Powerful time-saving tools and visual aids transform your paper-based processes into faster, more efficient, cloud-based systems, that increase the number of successful hires you see.

Custom reminders and alerts ensure that every driver is moved efficiently through your workflow, and that critical tasks and documents never fall through the cracks.

Implement CDLSuite Applicant Tracking and DQ File Management today and enhance your ability to recruit, hire and retain qualified drivers while ensuring compliance with the FCRA and DOT guidelines.

Unlimited Leads, Applicants, and Hires!

We believe that there’s power in simplicity

In the race for drivers, you need simple, yet effective, driver recruitment solutions that can coordinate all your recruiting, safety, and compliance efforts. Trusted by countless carriers, CDLSuite is the all-in-one tool designed to bring clarity to the activities that impact your driver staffing results. CDLSuite gives you a streamlined view of your critical hiring processes and refocuses your efforts on the activities that matter most.

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Applicant Tracking designed for drivers!

CDLSuite accelerates the capture of critical documents, ensures nothing is ever missed, and alerts you in advance to critical items that require action!

Review applicant work history in seconds.

No more piecing together the applicant’s past employment. Visual Work History allows you to assess each applicant’s driving jobs, non-driving jobs, start dates, end dates, overlapping employers, employment gaps, and missing data, in a fraction of the time it normally takes. One glance tells you whether the applicant is a viable candidate or should be disregarded.

Visual Work History displays each past employer in chronological order, showing you how that history corresponds to 3-year and 10-year requirements.

Where more history is needed, click and send a link to the applicant allowing him/her to append the provided work history. Additional information provided by the applicant is automatically added to the Visual Work History.

You can also manage driver leads and applications right from your smart phone.

Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device
Nothing to download or install
Simply log into your account using your smart phone.

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Only $99.95 /per month

Nothing to download or install. CDLSuite is web-based so there are never any compatibility issues. No need to purchase any hardware or software. You receive a unique application link that you can email, text, place on your website, or include in job postings.
Nothing could be easier.

Only need simple user-friendly DQ File Management and DOT compliance?

Only $1/month/employee

Compliance-OnlyTM by CDLSuite is the low-cost way for carriers to easily manage DQ Files and compliance with FMCSA guidelines. For just $1/month/employee you can implement Compliance-OnlyTM DQ File Management and take the guess work out of managing your driver qualification files.

Get and Stay Compliant

Designed with simplicity in mind Compliance-OnlyTM starts you off with a file setup that ensures you capture all the documents that you are required to have. The default file setup can easily be adjusted to conform to your current processes.

Custom reminders and alerts ensure that every document is accounted for and validated, and that critical tasks and documentation never fall through the cracks.

Compliance-OnlyTM gives you essential tools and visual aids to minimize exposures that can result in costly fines and penalties.

Implement Compliance-OnlyTM today to get and stay in compliance.

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