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At CDLSuite we know, firsthand, the costs and challenges of managing a truck fleet. The essential tasks of driver recruiting, DOT compliance, and DQ File management can easily overwhelm a growing trucking operation. It is for that reason that we designed a simple, affordable, suite of tools that level the playing field for all fleets.

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CDLSuite is the low-cost software solution that truck fleets use to easily manage driver recruiting, DQ File Management and compliance with FMCSA guidelines.

Designed with simplicity and affordability in mind, CDLSuite combines the critical tools for attracting and qualifying drivers, into a single, easy-to-use solution.

CDLSuite replaces burdensome paper-based processes with easy electronic applications, online forms, and visual aids that are faster, more efficient, and remove many of the barriers to growth.

Our streamlined interface ensures that every driver is moved quickly through your pipeline, and that critical tasks and documents never fall through the cracks.

Implement CDLSuite for your truck fleet today and enhance your ability to recruit qualified drivers and ensure compliance with DOT guidelines.

Hire drivers, stay in compliance and save money,

no matter the size or experience of your team!

We believe that there’s power in simplicity

In the race for drivers, you need access to easy, yet effective driver recruitment tools that allow you to accomplish more with fewer resources.

CDLSuite is the all-in-one tool designed to ease driver recruiting and compliance by giving you a straightforward view of the critical steps and tasks in your hiring process and automating the collection of required forms and documents.

Included are all the features you should expect from an online driver recruiting tool such as mobile-ready applications, all mandatory consent forms, electronic signatures, alerts and reminders, and free compliance help, as well as some extras features that will surprise you.


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Don’t have a big recruiting department or safety team? No problem!

CDLSuite simplifies the capture of critical documents, ensures nothing is ever missed, and alerts you in advance to critical items that require action!

Review applicant work history in seconds.

No more piecing together the applicant’s past employment. Visual Work History allows you to assess each applicant’s driving jobs, non-driving jobs, start dates, end dates, overlapping employers, employment gaps, and missing data, in a fraction of the time it normally takes. One glance tells you whether the applicant is a viable candidate or should be disregarded.

Visual Work History displays each past employer in chronological order, showing you how that history corresponds to 3-year and 10-year requirements.

Where more history is needed, click and send a link to the applicant allowing him/her to append the provided work history. Additional information provided by the applicant is automatically added to the Visual Work History.


You can also manage driver leads and applications right from your smart phone.

Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device
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Simply log into your account using your smart phone.

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CDLSuite is the only Truck Driver ATS with a built-in DOT File Management System

Create the perfect DOT File Management workflow for your business.

CDLSuite simplifies the process of creating and maintaining FMCSA Driver Qualification Files by starting you off with a default file setup that ensures you capture all the documents you're required to have. The default file setup covers everything you need as is and can easily be organized to conform to your unique business. If you’re accustomed to doing things a certain way, the Folder Setup tool allows you to quickly adapt your new online DQ Files to support your current DOT File Management workflow.

Start by deciding what documents you plan to manage electronically. Then create individual DQ File folders to store each document you plan to manage. Finally, specify which documents are required or optional, which documents should be tracked for expirations, and which documents should generate an alert when they are missing or nearing expiration.

Our intuitive folder system makes it easy to manage dozens of documents across thousands of drivers with ease.


Automatically send alerts to drivers letting them know which documents are expiring or missing and what they need to do about it. Returned forms and documents go directly to the appropriate folder.

For any documents that you prefer to store in hardcopy format, our placeholders track those hard copies as if they were in the system, including notes telling you exactly where the hard copy is stored.

More than just a Truck Driver ATS, CDLSuite lets you organize your FMCSA Driver Qualification Files and ensure that you breeze through your next DOT audit.

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Nothing to download or install. CDLSuite is web-based so there are never any compatibility issues. No need to purchase any hardware or software. You receive a unique application link that you can email, text, place on your website, or include in job postings.
Nothing could be easier.

Need simple user-friendly DQ File Management and DOT compliance?

CDLSuite is the low-cost way for carriers to easily manage DQ Files and compliance with FMCSA guidelines. Implement CDLSuite DQ File Management and take the guess work out of managing your driver qualification files.

Get and Stay Compliant

Designed specifically for small and medium carriers, CDLSuite starts you off with a file setup that ensures you capture all the documents that you are required to have. The default file setup covers everything you need but can easily be adjusted to conform to your unique business.

Custom reminders and alerts ensure that every document is accounted for and validated, and that critical tasks and documentation never fall through the cracks.

CDLSuite gives you essential tools and visual aids to minimize exposures that can result in costly fines and penalties.


Implement CDLSuite today to get and stay in compliance

CDL Suite for Consultants

DQMaster©: The Ultimate Tool for Fleet Compliance Consultants

DQMaster© is the version of CDL Suite designed specifically for regulatory and compliance experts offering consulting services to truck fleets. This powerful tool enables consulting firms to grow faster by equipping them with advanced technology to manage any number of drivers across multiple fleets.

Cost-effective and user-friendly, DQMaster© helps consultants ensure their fleet clients achieve and maintain compliance with FMCSA regulations. It allows you to deliver tailored services for fleets in any industry, providing a seamless, efficient, and compliant way to handle all aspects of DOT compliance.

DQMaster© simplifies client onboarding, auditing, and ongoing monitoring, helping you rapidly scale your business. You gain access to a comprehensive toolset that automates the creation, oversight, maintenance, and auditing of your clients’ records, ensuring all forms and documents are up-to-date and compliant with FMCSA regulations.

Whether you manage a dozen fleets or thousands, DQMaster©'s user-friendly interface and robust features simplify the complexities of managing your clients’ records.

CDL Suite for Consultants

Utilize time-saving graphs and reports to manage your entire roster of drivers at once or fleet by fleet. Quickly identify which fleets and drivers require the most attention, and efficiently resolve compliance threats to deliver exceptional service.

Discover the immediate impact DQMaster© can have on your consulting business while reinforcing your reputation as a trusted provider.

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